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Without implementing Social Media Strategy along with all other marketing plan for any business is useless. Just like any other type of strategy which is implemented for other marketing plan it will also require some goals to be set and measured. During Digital Marketing , this plan will also need to be optimized and for that it will require your competitor list and research. Reason behind for studying the competitor is because this can tell you what works and what does not and simply optimize the social media campaign strategy for your business. Competitor can provide a lots of information during the research process because they are targeting the same audience. This will help to do a better job than they are. Take two recruitment companies for example; Talents Hunter Recruit for Kolkata ,nothing exciting about them. Their competitor (Atal Rojgar) Recruited for India level.

Both of these companies target the same customers, those that want to recruit staff for their company. Both of these companies also use social media for sharing their recruitments and connecting with job seekers. Talents Hunter posts pictures on Face book with a exact position and a link to apply.

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Atal Rojgar does the same thing, but includes a description of the job as well as a call-to-action that asks their followers to do something; it can be anything like visiting the site for more details or calling recruiter for a details, but they never include a client details that can be seen at their site. However, they always include nice requirements. In this scenario, Atal Rojgar has optimized their posts to be a little more inviting and help users take action. Judging from the two strategies, one might be inclined to go from Atal Rojgar.

At DEOS we put everything in the minds of your target audience by studding what the competitor is doing, except we do it better. We make a social media strategy for your business or brands that is tailored to your target related your sector.

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