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You'll notice each of these definitions have words and phrases in common - 'planning' features front and centre in Kristina's and Margot's definitions, and Michael's is in a similar vein, talking about 'defining the process'.

All of these definitions are heavily-weighted towards planning and process - in each they take centre stage. This makes me a little uncomfortable.

I'm in no way suggesting that these definitions are incorrect. Planning and processes are of course imperative. But planning and processes concern delivery. Planning, developing, and managing are things you do after you’ve determined your strategy.To my mind the issue with these definitions is that the strategy which underpins the content you'll create is secondary to the planning and processes.

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For an affiliate partner, the most important thing is branding and promoting and making sure the products being promoted are relevant to the customers. Profits may not be high in overnight which is why you need to build relationships with potential affiliates is important. Make sure a partner is fitting in to company culture and bring new customers. Despite the amount of hard work that goes into it, the competition in certain industries remains high.

An online sales tactic which lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the audience to earn a commission by recommending the product to others is affiliate marketing. Without creating products of their own it makes simple for affiliates to earn money ..

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